Miabella Magazine’s Creator, Gina Addison, Chats with Lush to Blush

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August 16, 2012

For the past few months, I have had the great fortune of being a part of a new, incredible publication: Miabella Magazine. I first found out about the magazine months ago when they were looking for writers.I felt an instant connection with the idea behind the new print publication: that young women can care about more than the latest Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez news. It is clear that there is a void in the positive influence arena when it comes to pop culture, especially with the teen demographic.

Gina Addison, a woman far too modest for her hard work, dedication and sheer brilliance, is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the mag. She follows each piece through from pitch to final edits and communicates with each writer throughout the process. And being the kind-hearted woman that she is, Ms. Addisontook time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for Lush to Blush.

What inspired you to create your own magazine?

Actually, more like whom. My two daughters inspire me every day to be concerned about the future. Social issues have been beating up today’s generation of young women.  I felt compelled to do something about it, and not rest on the idea that these problems will fix themselves.

Who is the target audience and why?

We would love to develop a readership base in young women 14-20. This transitional phase, between being a girl and being a woman, is crucial in the development of self-esteem. By discovering early on who you are, what you want for yourself and, most importantly, what you don’t need, you are poised to become more confident and accomplished.

There are several magazines on newsstands today. What is different about Miabella?

Hmmm…realizing this is a difficult question to field without sounding a bit cocky [laughing], Miabella will feature articles that are bit more in-depth and informative.  We feel Miabella will appeal to the more sophisticated and ambitious teen. Although we will also incorporate fun fashion shoots and celebrity profiles, our primary focus is giving girls a roadmap to being successful and happy in life.

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience thus far?

The excitement we’ve shared with teens and contributors across the country. The level of enthusiasm and support has been overwhelming!

When does Miabella make its debut and how often is it published?

Miabella is bi-monthly, and our Premiere Issue launches August 21st!

Will Miabellamag.com have the same content as the print issues?

Some of the printed content will be incorporated into Miabellamag.com, but we plan on our website being its own entity–mainly to give readers an outlet for expressing their views and offering feedback.

Where can the print magazine be purchased (and for how much)? Can I subscribe and get each issue via mail?

Miabella will be distributed at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and select newsstands across the United States and Canada.  The cover price is $4.99 but we will offer discounted subscription rates beginning with the second issue.

Any final words?

We are always on the lookout for young writers and photographers.  If interested, you may submit an inquiry through our website’s contact page.  We’d also like everyone to keep in mind that we will experience growing pains over the first few issues, so bear with us.  But we will continuously strive to make each issue better than the previous one…and we have a lot of fun issues planned, so get excited!

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