My Halloween, According to Instagram

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January 26, 2014

halloween, instagram, fall

In addition to sweaters, boots, warm cider and college football, fall brings pumpkins, goblins and ghouls in honor of the age old holiday of Halloween.

Back in college, Halloween was always one of the biggest holidays of the year. Every bar had their own special Halloween celebration and girls everywhere dressed as the “slutty” version of one thing or another. I loved joining in on the fun and going out for a night on the town with my girl friends. But as I got older, this tradition quickly went from fun and carefree to uncomfortable and lame.

Now I would much rather just go to a fun house party dressed as a clever internet meme or my favorite fashion icon. This year, I didn’t have much time to plan my costume, so I decided to just amp up my makeup look as opposed to going all out on the clothing. I decided to be a cat. Here’s how I did my makeup:

halloween, cat, makeup, fall

It was easy, really. I just did an extreme cat-eye, drew on a little nose, dots and whiskers and called it a night! I topped it all off with some dark cherry red lipstick by Bobbi Brown. But then when my boyfriend and I decided to do a couples costume (I know, I know, but we’re cute, I promise!), I had to switch it up. I decided to be a deer and he was a hunter. It’s funny because we’re both vegetarians and very much against animal cruelty. But I guess you could say that we are raising awareness that these cute furry friends should not be harmed! Anyway, here’s how I did my makeup for that party:

deer, hunter, halloween, fall

This makeup look was much more complicated than the cat one. I loosely followed this tutorial. I had so much fun playing with my makeup that I think from now on, I will focus on that part of the costume for Halloween. It really adds another level that most people don’t even think about when dressing up.

What were you for Halloween this year?

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