My Nighttime Beauty Routine

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As a woman in her mid to late twenties, I feel like your skin can go one of two ways: you’re either past adolescent breakouts and don’t have to worry about wrinkles yet, or you are still dealing with pesky blemishes AND have to start worrying about wrinkles on top of that. Unfortunately, I fall into the group of the latter.

When I was in college, I drank alcohol and ate pizza like there was no tomorrow. I passed out with my makeup on more than I washed it off and would sometimes even slap on new makeup on top of the old when I was running late for class. Ew. How gross was I?! But I never had to deal with any consequences so I never thought to be a normal human being and wash my face.

Nowadays though, if I even skip one step of my ritualistic nighttime beauty routine, all hell breaks loose. Not only will a disgusting series of volcanoes erupt on my face, but new crevices and fine lines will appear. And I can’t forget the enormous pores, though I wish I could. It has taken years, but I have finally found a routine that works for me. Here’s what I do to prep my skin for sleep:

Step 1: Remove makeup
It is imperative to remove makeup before washing your face. If you wash your face with your makeup still on, you’re only getting the top layer of makeup, so you better wash it one or two more times to get everything. I use Swisspers pads to remove my makeup and have found they are far superior to any others I have tried.

practice safe sleep, swisspers, night beauty routine, dermalogica, biossance, nighttime beauty routine, makeup remover pads

Step 2: Wash face
I use Dermalogica products and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve lost count of how many other brands I’ve tried, but nothing compares to Dermalogica. Even after using it for the first time, I woke up with more radiant skin the next day. Love this brand!

Step 3: Use a toner
I definitely prefer the mild toners for my sensitive skin. I use one that I just spritz on and let dry.

Step 4: Moisturize
At nighttime, I use an oil as a moisturizer instead of my creams. Right now I’m using Biossance. It’s really versatile and can be used to hair, skin and nails. I love products like that!

Step 5: Spot treat
Whether it be blemishes, scarring, fine lines or all 3, spot treat at the end and leave it overnight for some twilight magic.

Step 6: Sleep on a clean satin pillowcase
When I go on vacation and forget my satin pillowcase, I always notice a major difference in my skin. It’s crazy how much of a difference your pillowcase can make in your skin. Pillowcases are also something people often forget to wash. It’s vital to wash it at least once a week!

It definitely takes some time, but it’s so worth it! Sometimes I’ll break down the steps and do them on commercial breaks while I watch one of my shows. That way it doesn’t seem like it takes so long since I’m not doing it all at once. I’d also like to mention that this Sunday I’ll be participating in the National Sleep Naked Night Socialthon from 8:30-9pm ET so submit questions here and follow along with the #PracticeSafeSleep hashtag and tweet your questions and answers!

What’s your nighttime beauty routine?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.