Neon: Make the Trend Chic

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March 18, 2021


Neons have been huge this season and while some are going all out to rock the trend, others have found a more subdued way to make neons chic: pair them with neutrals.

Neons can easily cross over from trendy to Dayglow, so how can you make sure not to trail off into candy raver territory? It’s simple, really. Use the highlighter colors literally: highlight your look with neons. With bright colors, you’re sure to stand out anyway; there’s no need to punch innocent passers-by in the face with head-to-toe neon. Stick to just one neon item per outfit and you should be good to go. I don’t usually agree with rules in fashion, but it is important to make sure to choose just one neon color as well. Neon accents? Chic. Rainbow Brite? Not chic.

What do you think about pairing neons with neutrals? How do you wear neons?