Netflix & Chill Gift Guide

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….I mean, do we even need any other type of gift guide? It’s safe to say I am way past my clubbin’ days; there’s nothing I’d rather do on a Friday night than down wine in pajamas while I binge watch House of Cards (Season 4 is coming so soon!). So I figured I can’t be alone, right? You’ve got to have someone as boring as me in your life that just wants to be comfy at home. So here’s what they want this season:

First things first, you have to have Netflix. Apple finally came out with a new version of Apple TV and it’s amazing. The app-based product allows you to download directly to the console. So in addition to Netflix, you have endless TV watching possibilities. On my current watchlist: Trailer Park Boys. It’s so funny!

2. A Cozy Blanket
You can’t curl up on a cozy night in with no blanket. Plus since it’s so cold outside, I’m wrapped up in one of these pretty much 24/7, so it will definitely come in handy. Throw blankets are such a fun, easy and functional way to add some seasonal fun to your home decor. For fall, is obviously great; for winter I love !

3. A bottle of wine or wine accessories
Studies show that having one glass of red wine is as good for you as going to the gym for an hour. I’ve read that online and while I do find it very hard to believe, I’m going with it. Especially after a long day. My personal fave is Pinot Noir (hint hint, friends). If you have a fave, I’d love to know – trying new wines is always fun!

4. Cute & Comfy Pajamas
No one relaxes in their work clothes or in sexy lingerie. Let’s be real here: you need some comfy sweats for netflix & chill. But you’re not alone if you want to be cute and comfy. And it is possible. Here are some of my faves:

5. A Cozy Box
This super cute Cozy Box from The Artisan Box is not only incredibly cute, but it also helps support remote artisans and farmers from all around the globe. The Cozy Box comes with an adorable mug, a chic scarf and some tasty hot cocoa. Perfect for a winter’s night in! Plus the little basket it comes in is just too cute! I have a cozy box on its way to me and I just can’t wait!

Do you like to stay in and relax too? What do you need for your Netflix & Chill nights?