A Perfect Christmas Day

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Merry christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had an amazing day yesterday, whether you celebrated or not! Johnny and I woke up and exchanged presents immediately. I could NOT wait to give him his gift! I got him a trip to Hawaii (he’s obsessed with Hawaii) so I bought a few hints and had him open them in order.

The first hint was this palm tree tee. It’s cute and he can actually wear it on the trip (as opposed to a silly Hawaiian button up – you know the ones). Next, he opened a pair of swimming trunks. Getting warmer, right? Finally, the last hint was a Hawaii guide book, complete with gorgeous photos. We leafed through it to get even more excited for our trip. We’ll be gone for about a week and I can only imagine how incredible the photos will be. I’ll obviously be documenting and posting the entire trip here! Woohoo!

Then my sister arrived in the afternoon so we exchanged gifts to kick off the visit then had a lovely dinner. We capped it off with my new favorite drink: . This creamy flavored cocktail drink is amazing. It’s made from wine and contains no dairy, so it’s totally healthy (at least that’s what I tell myself). They have 4 flavors: vanilla latté, chocolate chai, coco cappuccino and espresso macchiato. They’re all delicious.

The day was so perfect. I got to spend time with the people I love most. There’s nothing better, is there?

Did you celebrate yesterday?

Photo by Johnny Cheng