Post Grad Blues: The Wardrobe Edition

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March 18, 2021

Alright all you college grads – this one goes out to you.

I want you all to take a look in your closet. Now, shamelessly admit to at least one piece that should never leave your college campus. We all have one. Mine is a black dress with sheer lace cut outs on the side – it may not sound so bad, but that one will be staying behind as a memory. Transitioning your college wardrobe into a real world wardrobe can be tricky, but necessary. For all of those pieces that you think to yourself, “I really like this, but will I be able to wear it after college?” Most of the time, yes!, you can.

First and foremost, before you leave your house, always ask yourself: Will I be embarrassed if I run into a coworker or my boss in this outfit? If you answer no, go on your way; if you answer yes, use some of the following tips.

A Blazer.

A blazer almost always sophisticates an outfit. For the summer months, consider a white blazer. A tank top dress like the one above might make you feel too “college”, but put on a blazer, a nice gold watch and big gold earrings and viola! you’re a whole new, working woman.

The Bodycon Skirt.

These were a college essential. Between my roommates and I, our apartment closets were full of them. Going out in your local or new town in one may make you feel uncomfortable, though. Instead of pairing the skirt with a tight shirt or tank top, pair it with a flowing, long sleeve, collared sheer blouse.  You can decide whether you want to keep it tucked in or out, depending on the look you are going for. This gives you a much more pulled together look and still allows you to show off your assets, but in a more subtle way. P.S. – Remember to make sure the skirt is long enough!

The T-shirt.

I don’t know about you, but I had those go-to t-shirts for those early morning Friday classes. White or black simple v-necks that I would throw on with a pair of jeans and flats, mostly just to make myself feel put together while I was half asleep after a Thursday night. Good news! T-shirts never go out of style. Keep on rocking the white tee (until it gets dingy, of course). Pair a t-shirt with a long, colorful necklace or big earrings and a bold shoe and nobody will realize you’re wearing a simple t-shirt.

The key to success is transforming your college wardrobe is to mix and match high quality and low quality pieces. Nobody has to know that the dress you have on was one of your favorite dive bar dresses or that you actually only paid $9.50 for it at Forever21. It will stay our little secret.

What were some of your favorite college pieces? Did you transform them?