Puppies are a Girl’s Best Friend

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January 9, 2014

flower crown

For over nine years, I have had a little girl in my life who has shown me the sweetest, most unconditional love imaginable: my beautiful maltese, Adri. Most of you probably have pets and can relate to that special bond. Much like a child, our pets rely on us for their safety, health and overall well-being.

Well, last week, my baby dislocated her hip. We don’t know how it happened, but after x-rays and pain medicine, it was concluded that the only option was surgery. This scary news was followed by even worse news: the surgery would total $1500, minimum. Of course I did what any pet parent would do and found a way to make it work (thank you to all who have contributed – especially my sponsors!).


I dropped her off this morning and I will be able to pick her up tomorrow, Christmas Eve. I’m so glad that my little Adri is going to be all better soon! I never realized until she got hurt just how much she means to me. So to all you pet parents out there: I hope you spoil your little fur babies to no end this holiday season!

I’ll be taking a little break due to Christmas and traveling, but normal posts will resume next week. Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: Adri’s surgery went smoothly and I will be picking her up first thing tomorrow morning!! YAY!

Photos by Johnny Cheng Photography