Say goodbye to your new alma mater in style

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March 18, 2021


‘Tis the season to graduate! People are being bombarded with graduation announcements and party invitations, stores have setup signs displaying the “perfect” gift for a graduate. These things can be overwhelming. The majority of parents take care of announcements, party invitations and favors. My mom managed the number of graduation tickets I was given for my high school graduation, so I only had one worry: what kind of dress should I wear?!

Some high school graduations require specific dress codes. At my school, the girls were required to wear a white dress. Even if it’s not required, white dresses are perfect for Spring and Summer, so L2B recommends these: (left)
Web and Flow Ivory Dress (right)

On the other hand, college graduates can dress more leniently. Although I would advise ladies to still wear a dress.

After you are done with cap and gown pictures with family and friends, take off your gown. You want to show off the dress underneath. Try a little black dress, like this one from Juicy Couture.

If you want to go bold, definitely go with neon or brights! They are huge this season and are a great way to stand out. Try this one from Forever 21.

This past weekend I attended a college graduation. I wanted to look nice and presentable. I chose to wear a peachy dress.

Dress from


I always follow the dress to impress rule even if I’m sitting in a chair, listening to names, and watching graduates walk across a stage. You never know whom you might run into.

If you’re a parent or an aunt watching your son, daughter, niece or nephew graduate, a colorful blouse with slacks would do well. A simple dress would look great for photos too!


Did you attend a graduation this year? What did you wear?