Seasonal sale: Not the kind you’re thinking of

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January 31, 2020

It’s the end of another semester. If you’re like me, unpacking from college created a natural disaster in your room. Maybe you watched a sibling or a cousin unpack instead of unpacking yourself. While putting everything away, I found several clothes, accessories and knick-knacks that have created clutter. Rather than donating these things, I have decided to host a yard sale. Yard sales are a big deal where I live. They are usually held on Saturdays and all types of people stop by.

You’re probably wondering, where do I start? Well, go through your things. I dug through closets, shoeboxes full of random surprises and the plastic containers I carried my things back from college in. After you’ve gone through everything, put alike items in the same storage containers or boxes. This will be helpful when you set up in the morning of the sale.

Next, think about how you want to price everything. Be reasonable, after all, this is a yard scale. I learned from my little yard sale last Saturday that price lists DO NOT work. Although, I felt $5 for Roxy, Billabong, American Rag, Ralph Lauren and Hurley was reasonable, but found out it was not. The art of bargaining came in handy.

Next, arts and crafts! It is time to make a sign. You want your yard sale to be visible. For example, there is one main road that runs through my whole community and I live in a cal-de-sac. The better your sign, the more likely people will know where to go.

Next, wake up early on the morning of your sale. You want to have everything set up perfectly in a nice display. Finally, put out your Yard Sale signs, but hurry back because there will be early birds.

If you don’t live in a neighborhood or yard sale friend community, there are other options to sell your things. For example, large cities usually hold flea markets. Flea markets are great! You can rent a table or sometimes you just have to call the coordinator and reserve one. A lot of people go, and maybe someone can manage your table while you cruise around. Hipster, I know, but they’re fun. Trust me.