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After countless emails from fellow bloggers asking for advice, guidance, and tips on blogging, I decided to offer blog consulting services. With the program being an immediate success, I am confident my tips will help guide you in growing your blog and reaching your personal goals. Since I love being a blog consultant so much, I decided to expand and partner up with a fellow blogger to open Adorn Media Group, where we offer a wide range of personalized blog consulting as well as instant downloads. Each blog consulting session is different based on the blogger’s needs, but we always suggest beginning with a call.

Of course, a big part of a blog is the design, a service I also offer. Please take a look at my design site for more info and booking.


“Megan’s blog consulting service is AMAZING and has helped me with my blog so, so much. Not only did she advise me on how to improve and grow my blog, but she also created my amazingly beautiful design! Megan is the fairy godmother of blogging :) I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you again!”

“Working with Megan for the blog consulting service has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable about the blogging business and is willing to answer as many questions as possible. It’s thanks to Megan that I was able to put together my blog and start doing it more consistently in such a way that it became effective. I would totally recommend this service to anyone who’s starting in the blogging industry. Love Megan!”

“Megan has been not only an inspiration, but as an active leader for new bloggers like me. I participated in a one month sponsorship with Lushtoblush, and Megan gave me two full reports evaluating my blog with numerous suggestions to improve it in design, social media, and networking. Previously, I was advised by a blog consultant from London, and Megan was 100x more valuable, reasonable, and reliable. Her advice is precise, encouraging, and personalized. Basically, she’s a rockstar consultant.”

“Adorn helped me see how important brand clarity is for your business and how to showcase your brand’s identity with social media!”

“Because Lauren and Megan are bloggers, they have first-hand insight into what makes a blog successful. They are highly knowledgeable in all aspects such as branding, marketing, content, and increasing traffic. I love that they are energetic, approachable and thoughtful – a dynamic team that I enjoy working with!”

“Adorn Media has been instrumental in helping me kick start my fashion and lifestyle blog! Both Megan and Lauren genuinely seem interested in my growth and are always rooting for me to succeed! Their support has been greatly appreciated – I couldn’t have done it without them! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to start a blog or build any type of brand for that matter. They will not disappoint!”

If you are ready to bring your blog to the next level, please click here to purchase. Questions? Feel free to email me at megan@adornmediagroup.com.


**For design inquiries, please email megan@lushtoblush.com**

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