Shelf Styling 101

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March 2, 2019

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Styling is an art I truly enjoy. There’s just something so fun in making things look pretty – which is exactly what styling means to me. In addition to styling clothing and accessories, I also enjoy the home decor sector of styling. While I don’t consider myself a pro in the slightest, I do think I do a pretty good job for my tastes. Here are the tips I’ve learned along the way for styling shelves:

1. Declutter

Visible shelves should be clean and organized. I prefer not to pack the space too tight for more of a minimal look. Shelving should serve as extra storage, but it also needs to be pleasing to the eye since it is so visible in a room. That being said…

2. Function

I mean, the whole point of having a shelf or shelving unit is to store and maximize space, so it needs to be functional, not simply superficial decor. I just moved in with my boyfriend, so making room for both of us in his condo has been a little tough. I needed a place for my jeans, so I stacked them in a cube; I needed somewhere to put my bag, so I utilized a cube for that. And then I added the pretties: my Valentino shoes, my charming books, and candles (a girl can never have too many candles). For me, it’s all about balancing the function with the beauty.

3. Life

Finally, I like to bring home decor to life by adding special touches like personal photos, pretty flowers, or easy plants (like succulents!). Since I just moved, I haven’t had time to add that piece to my shelving unit yet, but definitely plan to very soon!

And stay tuned for a post featuring my work space!

What tips would you add for styling shelves?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.