These Shoes Will Change Your Life

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April 15, 2020

This Penner Footwear review is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

penner footwear

I understand that saying a pair of shoes can have the power to change your life is a little dramatic, but we all love fashion here, right? So just hear me out. As someone who travels a lot and is constantly walking around to explore those destinations, it is paramount that I have comfortable shoes to wear. I am all about comfort. If my feet hurt, I’ll be miserable until I take my shoes off. And I’ll probably make everyone else around me miserable with my endless complaining too. But when you take outfit photos everywhere you go, you have to be stylish. Thus, my catch 22 and endless life struggle. Well, endless until now.

When I got an email with the subject “a comfortable shoe that’s not ugly,” to say I was skeptical would be an understatement. I get at least 20-30 emails a day from brands and pr companies/agencies trying to pitch products to me. Obviously most of them are a no-go, but I was glad to be pleasantly surprised with Penner Footwear. After looking at their site, I discovered they actually were cute. But were they comfy? Definitely worth a shot to find out. Andrew, the brand’s founder and the creator of the shoe, decided to send me a prototype pair in black on tan so I could try them for myself and write my own Penner Footwear review. Yall. These shoes are amazingly comfortable. Hence the title of this post.

When the shoes arrived, I tried them on immediately. They were comfortable, but most shoes are when you first get them, so I wasn’t sold right away. One thing I did notice right away though was the incredibly soft and buttery leather. This isn’t something I’m used to. I’m ballin on a budget (#wealthbuilding), so I can’t usually get my hands on this level of quality. How Penner is pricing these things so low is beyond me, because this leather is sheer perfection.

penner footwear

penner footwear

comfortable shoes that are cute

Luxury travel & lifestyle blogger, Lush to Blush shares a Penner Footwear Review! Check out the shoes that will forever change your life!

The shoes come with self-adhesive arch inserts, which is a plus. I’ve actually never used shoe inserts before, so after applying them and reapplying them like 5 times to find the right spot (and the right shoe, even though they’re clearly marked L and R *insert face palm here*), I was ready for the real test. I wore them all day for the first day, except when I was inside my house since I have a strict no-shoes policy. I ran errands and found the shoes’ comfort to be lasting. The next day, I went to my grandparent’s house for the weekend. They allow shoes inside so I wore them basically for two days straight. To be honest, I didn’t even want to take them off – that’s how comfy they are. When I got back home, I found myself wanting to wear them even at home!

What is your favorite comfortable shoe brand?

Photos by Courtney Woodham.