Shopping for Thailand

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I am so so SO excited to share that I will be heading to Thailand in just three short weeks! I cannot believe that I am actually going, but the opportunity arose and I just had to go. Naturally, during my trip planning, an important thing came up: what to wear?! After some research, I found that I need to wear breathable pieces as it is going to be very, very hot. Short shorts and skirts/dresses are ok there, but while visiting temples, it’s important to keep your shoulders and knees covered. So I have to make sure to have a few options for that. I will definitely be bringing a few of my spring and summer scarves to drape over my shoulders when needed. So far, here are my favorites:

What do you think? Any suggestions? is having a 25% off sale until April 7, so I’ll have to take advantage and order some stuff before then. Tell me your favorites in the comments below!

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