Sparkle Nail DIY

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July 5, 2012

This year for the Fourth of July, I decided to try some nail art that I have been interested in for a while now. The idea is to add a lot of glitter to the base of the nail and let it slowly fade to the top. My favorite base for this fun look would be nude, but I decided to go festive for Independence Day. Obviously, you can choose whatever color you like!


Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need one base color, one top coat, one jar of nail glitter (I got mine at Sephora), and one wooden cuticle tool.



Step 2: Apply the base coat as you would any nail color. It is ok to use more than one coat. *L2B tip: after a few minutes of waiting for polish to dry, run your hands under cold water; it speeds up the process.






Steps 3-4: Scoop up some glitter with the cuticle tool and gently drop a good amount on the base of the nail.





Step 5: Gently tap your nails facing down onto a hard surface. A small amount of the glitter will drop down the nail creating the fading effect. You could also hold your hand horizontally and blow the glitter toward the top of your nail. This method is a little messier. You may want to sprinkle a small amount of glitter where it is needed.


Step 6: Apply your top coat.

And that’s it! Be proud of your work and enjoy the compliments from friends.




What is your favorite nail art look? Have you ever used nail glitter?