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May 5, 2020

This post is sponsored by GT’s Kombucha. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

gts kombucha

There’s no doubt that health is at the forefront of all our minds right now with everything going on – and not only our physical health. I’ve seen mental health discussed a lot in today’s climate with many people staying home 24 hours a day, and rightfully so. Being inside all day, working from home, and managing anxiety about this pandemic is taking a toll on everyone.

A few months ago, I began to realize the strong connection between stress, gut health, and mental clarity. I have always believed there to be a connection between stress and productivity, but this took things to a whole new level. It all started with my boyfriend Ryan.

gts kombucha

Ever since we met (and long before we met), he has battled issues with his gut health, anxiety, and brain fog. He confided in me that some days he felt like he just couldn’t think clearly, which caused even more stress. I began to notice it was on these same days that he had increased stomach pains and irritation. I took it upon myself to do some research. It was a vicious cycle full of discomfort and pain and there had to be an answer. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one to suspect a connection between gut health and brain fog. In fact, there were endless studies with conclusions supporting my theory.

It was then that I discovered a major game changer: GT’s Kombucha. I first heard about kombucha about seven years ago. A friend of a friend home-brewed her own kombucha and sold it at farmer’s markets. She hooked me up with a free sample and I hated it. I mean like there’s nothing you could have done to make me voluntarily drink that. So I wrote it off as something I didn’t like and never thought about it again, even when it became the most trendy drink on social media a couple years later.

the health benefits of kombucha

Cut to my discovery of all this research. I found out that kombucha is actually fermented tea with natural probiotics. According to GT’s website, “Authentically fermented Kombucha naturally yields living probiotics, electrolytes, acetic acids, and active enzymes. Kombucha is known to support gut health & aid digestion, promote overall wellbeing, provide immune support, and improve vitality.”

Maybe it was time to give this miracle tea another try? And so I did. It turns out, kombucha can have many different flavors, be carbonated or still–it’s naturally effervescent, and gets bubblier and bubblier as it ferments–and when it’s done right, actually tastes really good (our favorites are Gingerberry and Cayennade!). Both Ryan and I started drinking GT’s Kombucha every morning. (Well, it was almost every morning for me – I can’t cut coffee out completely!) And our minds and bodies transformed. Since Ryan was the one suffering with more symptoms than me, he noticed a bigger difference, but that’s not to discount the changes for me at all.

For the first time in years, Ryan fully feels like himself again. No more brain fog, no more stomach pains regardless of what he eats (he’s of course still cautious and tries to limit foods that irritate him), and so much less stress–even in the middle of a global pandemic. Before trying kombucha, he had done it all: supplements, vitamins, elimination diet, you name it. Nothing worked. Drinking GT’s Kombucha daily was not only the only thing that worked, but the results were leaps and bounds beyond what we ever expected.

Personally, I’ve noticed a difference in my mental clarity and productivity. While I don’t have major gut health problems, I feel more productive, sharper, and healthier. I’m starting to wean myself off of being dependent on coffee (baby steps) and kombucha is making that process so much easier.

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I feel that now more than ever, we need to be on top of our game, and kombucha is a great tool to aid in that. I actually recently found out about GT’s Classic Gold collection, with flavors reminiscent of wine and beer (and a relatively low alcohol percentage of 3%). Those are definitely next on my list – especially now that I’m working on cutting back on my alcohol intake!

Are you a fan of kombucha? Have you experienced the health benefits?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter