Blog Talk: How to Get Featured

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March 2, 2019

Although I have been blogging for about a year and a half now, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized I could submit my posts and creative ventures to other larger publications for more exposure. I always just thought that I would organically gain a following, or these publications would approach me (in my dreams). But the truth is, most of the features you see on your favorite sites were actually submitted by the blogger, photographer, stylist, etc. themselves.

It all started when I met my former coworker, Allison. She is a very talented stylist and creator of beauty and has been featured in some pretty amazing, well-known websites and magazines. After working together for just about a week, Allison asked me to help her with a photo shoot she had that weekend. Umm, of course! I was so excited to be a part of this fun side project.

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{Allison + me; photos by Johnny Cheng Photography}

The shoot was a wedding theme, but the bride and groom weren’t really a couple–they were models. Allison set up this gorgeous dessert table and styled the entire shoot. The whole time I wondered why she was doing this shoot. It seemed odd to me, as I had never really encountered something like this before. But it all made sense when she told me it was not only for practice and inspiration, but also to submit to various publications to get her name out there. It’s just like when brands create lookbooks for their products–Allison was just doing it for her services instead

It still wasn’t until a few months after that that I realized I could do the same thing. Since then, I have submitted to two different websites. First, I submitted my decadent cronut recipe to the Glitter Guide. To my surprise, Taylor herself emailed me within a couple hours to let me know that she would love to feature my recipe.

And more recently, I created and styled my own photo shoot and submitted it to Style Me Pretty. After almost a month of waiting, I found out my submission was accepted and it was published within a week. Both of these features have been nothing short of an honor. And none of it would have been possible if I didn’t take a risk, put myself out there, and submit my own work. Oftentimes we are our toughest critic, but sometimes, it’s ok to be your own biggest fan.

2013-08-13_0012{photos by Johnny Cheng Photography}

Have you ever been featured? What advice would you give those who’d like to be featured or published?

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