Target: A Girl’s Best Friend

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November 18, 2014

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It has become a well-known struggle in this country that going to Target is like entering a black hole. You go in for one thing and leave 3 hours later and $200 poorer, but hey, at least you finally got that Nate Burkus mini stool you’ve been wanting! Not to mention those mules on sale for $10!! I mean, how can a girl resist the heaven that is Target?

As I’ve mentioned before, I live next door to Target. Literally. It is like 20 feet away from me right now. And did I mention it’s a Super Target? As you can imagine, I spend most of my days browsing home goods, picking up groceries, and purchasing way too many shoes (as if there were such a thing as too many shoes…).

Target, cartwheel app, target cartwheel app, how to save money at Target, how to save money shopping

I obviously already have a Target credit card (5% off all purchases! hellz yeah!), but another way I keep from drowning myself in debt is by using the Cartwheel app. Cartwheel is like a digital coupon book that is constantly changing and updating with Target’s current deals. Gone are the days of cutting out coupons (who has time for that anyway?). Now, it’s as simple as browsing the app, adding your coupons to your virtual cart, and presenting just one barcode (loaded with all of your selected coupons) at checkout. You can do this before you shop if you’re the organized, prepared type or if you’re like me, you can do it at the store. Cartwheel has this really great feature that allows users to scan the barcodes of the items they are buying to see if there’s a coupon for it. Could it get any easier to save money?

Cartwheel even keeps track of all your uses and tells you how much you’ve saved (I’ve saved $120 so far!) with the the virtual coupons. It’s so easy to use and the fact that it’s on your phone makes it even better. I get paper coupons all the time, but do I ever remember to bring them with me when I go to the store? Nope. I’m so glad that’s not something I have to worry about anymore thanks to the Target Cartwheel app!

Do you use the Cartwheel app? How much have you saved?

Photos by Johnny Cheng.

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