The Best Beauty Brands for Curly Girls

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After a few recent posts donning my natural curls. the verdict is in: people are loving it! Which of course, makes me feel great. I remember growing up and hating my curls. I wanted smooth and silky hair like all the other girls has. When I got old enough. I damaged my hair with heat and chemicals to fit in with what was popular. It wasn’t until recently that I realized straight hair was popular because it was easy. While curls most certainly are not.

As I’ve grown, I’ve begun to embrace my curls and while I don’t always wear them on my blog posts (gotta have variety), I do let my hair go natural for most days of the week. And there are a few products that help me do that. Here are my favorite brands for curly hair (in no particular order):

I personally use the , conditioner, creme and . When I use the creme and lotion, I use them together and don’t mix brands, but I use the shampoo and conditioner every time I wear my hair curly. You have to be careful not to use too much product with this one though. It has left my hair oily before – and never put it on your roots!

I absolutely love this brand for curly hair. First I use the , then the , then the . Sometimes I spritz with the manipulator mist on second or third-day curls. The result is fresh, frizz-free spirals. I love it!

I use the as a leave in every time I wear my hair natural. I squeeze about a quarter size into my palm and smooth through my hair from the neck down. I give the excess water a squeeze and any leftover conditioner that may leave my hair greasy is rinsed away as well. The scent is an added bonus.

Do you have naturally curly hair? What brands do you love?

Photos by Courtney Woodham.