the LUSH LIST a collection of luxury boutique hotels across the globe

Ever since a stay at a boutique hotel in Greece in 2022, I have been in love with boutique hotels. I’ve always been drawn to that smaller, more personal approach when it comes to hotels – big resorts with 20 pools are not my thing (there are some exceptions), but I didn’t realize how much of an incredibly special impact a boutique hotel can have on my view of a destination and the overall trip experience until this experience in particular. So much so that it has now become a dream for Ryan and I to own our own boutique hotel one day soon. Until then, we seek out luxury boutique hotels that will inspire us for all of our trips. I realized if you follow my content, then you likely have some of the same preferences. And so The Lush List was born. I will continually update this with luxury boutique hotels I have personally visited and can stamp with my approval.

Luxury defined: I define luxury as a beautifully decorated space that is comfortable and charming; service that goes above and beyond,
is anticipatory, personal, and welcoming; and amenities that are convenient and special.

Boutique defined: 40 rooms or less, with staff present on site (ie no Airbnbs or vacation rentals)

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