Top Trends From the Fall 2012 Runway

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March 18, 2021

As the summer 2012 season comes to a close, we can reflect on all of the bright, vibrant clothes displayed on the runway and in the streets. Since the neon trend was so popular, it can be hard to determine which clothes to purchase and wear in the fall season. Should we keep our neon pieces or move on to darker shades?

As I look through runway shots and colors, some of these fashions will trickle over into the next season. Tangerine Tango will still be a popular color, but instead of it being paired with bold pinks, it will be paired with browns and grays for a fall feel. All bold colors that are used this season will be paired with a subdued color. This will make the bold color not compete with any other color but itself. This past Spring/Summer season, there were a variety of empowering colors paired with each other for a wowing statement.

This next season will use a lot more of the neutral colors. Designers relied more on the textures of the fabrics paired with each other to make outfits stunning. The majority of the trends will be “new”–trends that we have not seen in a while. When purchasing and viewing clothing, it is important to remember that fashion is evolutionary, not revolutionary. The fashions we have seen in the past will not be identical to what is in the future. It will be much more modernized.

When shopping for fall and winter clothing, sexy, classic and classy are key features to look for. The hat is making a huge comeback this year! The emphasis this season will be on the waist. Some commonly seen items will be the pencil skirt, curvy dress, and the belted swing coat.

The dresses for fall/winter 2012-2013 will be fitted, but not skin tight. Comfort will still be key within the next season. The hem line is mid-knee to just an inch or two below the knee. There will be hems all over the place! Belts will also be huge this season to help maintain the popular sculptural look. Black and navy blue will be the one of the top color combination trend for the fall and winter season. It will commonly be paired with printed, striped and velvet fabrics.

A wine-colored burgundy will replace the popularity of plain black. Bold animal prints have been subdued this upcoming season, reptile prints being the most popular. Leather will add an edgier and sexy spin; the leather dresses and skirts look sexy and form fitting. From what I can see, leather will be used from head to toe. Winter white will make its way past labor day and will be paired with itself. Big fluffy winter coats will be popular. Fur will be very popular in the fall and winter, dyed in various colors.

Military style will also have a big influence on apparel. Army officers capes from the past century will make their way back with modernizations. The military style jacket will be very popular for outerwear in both men’s and women’s collections. A lot of military features will be used such as the silhouette, the buttons, and fur. Form fitting flowing jumpsuits will be popular paired with blazers and floor-length coats.

All in all, the inspiration for this fall and winter season will have a lot of influences and features from the victorian era. Bright colors and prints are still at their peak on the fashion life cycle. Many trend forecasters thought printed and colored pants would be a fad for just the summer season. I think these will also still be popular in the fall and winter.

What was your favorite trend spotted on the Fall/Winter runway?