Travel the World with Airbnb

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March 18, 2021

I’ve always loved the quote that goes something like, “The world is like a book; if you don’t travel, you’ve only read one page.” I find it to be very true. There are people, animals and plants all over the world; we are all the same, yet we are all vastly different. There are many things that cannot be understood until experienced first-hand, and I think the cultures of the world is one of those things.

Personally, I have never been out of the country, and it is something that pains me every single day. But I have been fortunate enough to travel within the United States, and that is partially thanks to Airbnb. I don’t know about you, but one of the main things that holds me back from traveling is the cost. I have so many bills (hello, student loans!) and commitments to take care of, and that paired with my shopping habit, makes it nearly impossible to save up thousands of dollars to see a new place.

But there are ways to travel on the cheap – and Airbnb is one of them. I first heard about Airbnb earlier this year when some girl friends and I took a fun weekend trip to Nashville. Instead of getting a hotel, we rented an apartment in the heart of the music district. The owner was out of town for the weekend and decided to open up her space for guests. Not only did we get a cozy bed and a normal TV channel lineup, but we also got a fully stocked kitchen and a complimentary bottle of wine from the owner.

With Airbnb, anyone can rent out their home to guests. Some spaces are shared rooms and spaces, while others are full apartments. Either way, there’s always something within virtually any budget. Besides the price, another great aspect of Airbnb is that both hosts and guests can review and be reviewed. That way, no matter what end you’re on, you’re protected.

I have used Airbnb several times since the first time. I went to Savannah where my friends and I had a photo shoot and I even stayed at an Airbnb home when I was between apartments in Atlanta just a couple months ago. Airbnb really is a great option for so many reasons and occasions. I know I’ll be recommending the service to family and friends whenever they visit and hopefully, I’ll be able to travel the world one day, thanks to the convenience and affordability of Airbnb.

Have you ever used Airbnb? How would you rate your experience?