Travel Tips: Efficient Packing

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February 13, 2015

packing tips, travel tips{ bathing suit & blue maxi: ℅ L*space Swimwear // jewelry organizer: ℅ Lori Leigh // bag: ℅ Brahmin // hat: Free People via Lenox Square Mall ℅ // sunglasses: ℅ Proof Eyewear // sandals: ℅ Riffraff }

It’s safe to say that I tend to overpack. Like every time I go somewhere. But my past few trips have ended up being stressful and chaotic because of this bad habit, so I’ve decided to reform my ways this time. Tomorrow, I will be heading to Los Angeles with my photographer boyfriend, Johnny, and blogging buddy, Lauren. I am so super excited because not only will I get to see my sister who recently moved there, but I’ll also be attending Lucky FABB where freaking NICOLE RICHIE will be speaking! I am beyond thrilled to learn from the panelists and breakout sessions, connect with fellow bloggers, and network with brand reps. And since this trip is a business/pleasure combo, I want to make sure that everything is as easy and smooth as possible. These are the tips that I have found to work the best for packing:

1. Plan ahead
Planning your outfits–from head to toe–ensures you don’t pack anything you don’t need. Plus it cuts getting ready time in half. If you’re afraid you won’t remember what you originally planned to wear, take photos of the looks as you’re planning.

2. Organize
Another important key to avoid overpacking is organization. If you just throw everything in your suitcase, you won’t be able to fit as much, resulting in adding more bags to fit all your stuff. Instead, carefully fold and pack your items as tightly as you can. A great method for this is rolling your clothes into cylinder shapes. This will give you more space and your clothes won’t be wrinkled when you get to your destination. Another thing that helps is organizing your smaller items, like jewelry. I use my Lori Leigh jewelry organizer and it has been super helpful so far!

3. Minimize
Ok, it’s time to face the facts: you don’t need options the day of. Just pick what you want to wear when you’re packing (I am so guilty of doing this!). Things like pajamas and jeans can be worn more than once, so there’s no need to pack more than one of those if you won’t be gone for too long. It’s also important pick items that can be worn multiple ways and with different pieces. Versatility is key when traveling!

What packing tips would you add?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.