Travel with Somme? No problem!

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March 21, 2012

Every time I go on a trip I agonize over what to take, what I can live without, what I must absolutely have, etc. Somme takes the stress out of my trip planning. They have the coolest little packets that you drop in your bag and the stress ends there! What’s makes these little packets even better is that if you’re flying, and pack it in your carry on, no need to worry about how many ounces you’re carrying because it’s all sealed tight in a perfect little bundle. This little beauty has all 5 steps perfectly packaged for simplicity and ease of use!

Just one more reason to love Somme. I mean seriously ladies, we all lead busy lives and simplifying things is just an added bonus when looking for the right skin care and because many of us travel, it’s just another thing we don’t have to think about!!