Under $1000 Powder Room Makeover

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November 22, 2022

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Our powder room is finally ready! Wow, tacking small powder rooms is no easy feat. While the painting and installation part of this could be considered a weekend project, it took forever to decide on paint colors, finishes, and even towels–all while keeping it under $1000. I’m so glad to have this little hidden gem of a space completed, bringing me one step closer to a fully designed home! Now all that’s left is the guest room, guest bath, and owner’s suite.

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As you can imagine, the powder room was designed around the beautiful art created by Annie of Huega Creative. Hiring local artists to paint is one of my favorite ways to bring personality to a space. I’ve done it twice before and this time was no different – I was blown away by the beauty and character of the mural the artist created. Obviously, hiring an artist might not be an option for everyone depending on location, budget, etc., but I’ve found that a great alternative is wallpaper. I particularly love the . Since art is so subjective, I didn’t include the artist’s rate in the total budget.

I knew I wanted to have fun with the , but after the art was completed, I didn’t think my matched. I decided I needed to find a new one that felt softer and slightly feminine. Then I came across this beauty and knew it was the one. Coincidentally, it looks like the mirror emoji, which I love! Then came the light fixture saga. I went back and forth so many times before finally deciding on the midcentury modern that match the pendants in my kitchen and the flush mount in my guest room, pulling the downstairs rooms all together.

Since the mirror felt feminine to me, I went with more neutral . Finally, I picked a more streamlined and the room was complete!

For the accessories, I wanted to pull out some of the pink and red tones accented in the wall art, so I got some and continued with the brushed brass theme for the . The last item I added was the , which actually fits so perfectly. I’ll be honest, I completely forgot to add a rug until I thought I was done and realized something was missing. It was the perfect cherry on top and is so great for small powder rooms! The final look is a feminine take on midcentury modern with a touch of boho, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Here’s the final budget tally:

Light Fixture
Mural Art

My original goal was to keep this makeover to $500 or less, but I decided to splurge on a few items to make sure I created a powder room I’ll love for years to come. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and I think it was well worth the extra dollars spent!

How would you design a small powder room for under $1000?

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Photos by Ryan Carpenter.