Unplugged for Earth Day

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earth day, unplugged

Happy Earth Day! I have always been a lover of the earth and all of the beautiful things it is home to, so I will never understand why people treat it so poorly. But today is a great day to bring awareness and do a little something to make a difference this Earth Day. I’m not going to ask you to go out and plant a tree (although that would be amazing!), I’m simply asking you to take a step back and go unplugged for just one hour today. Turn off the tv, close the laptop and even turn off the lights. During the day, go outside and enjoy this spring weather and during the night, light some candles and read a book. Let’s be friendly to our universal home this Earth Day.

As for me, I’ll be taking a step back all day in an attempt to go unplugged. To be honest, I am kind of addicted to technology and the internet, so it will be super tough! I will be doing my basic work duties like answering emails, but for the most part I’ll be celebrating Earth Day by going unplugged. Maybe I’ll plant some flowers, hang out in the sun, and use candles for light as it gets darker outside (yay!).

Will you be going unplugged for Earth Day?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.