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April 2, 2015

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One of the first random thoughts that came to mind as I was packing for my Hawaii trip was that I was going to miss my shows. Who knew which places had the right channels and I had no idea how it would work with the time change. My bestie and I always watch #tgit together and I have sadly become addicted to The Bachelor (it really sucks you in; although I’m not sure if it’s even worth watching anymore now that Britt is gone – Britt for Bachelorette!).

But then I remembered that Xfinity offers its customers a lot of really amazing apps, one of which allows me to stream from my DVR and even watch shows live. If I ever forgot to record something, I just used my Xfinity X1 Remote app to set the recording. Since Kauai is 5 hours behind Eastern time, I would have to wait to watch the shows until a few hours after they aired on the mainland, but with my TV Go app, I was able to watch some of them live. The others that I had recorded, I streamed later on when it rained a couple nights.

Now that we’re back (tear), we are still using our apps. Just last night, I couldn’t find the remote or my glasses so I used my remote app to scroll through the guide and change the channel right from my phone. And when Johnny and I both have shows on at the same time, or when I simply cannot watch any more golf/stock market shows, he’ll go in the living room and stream his shows live on the iPad while I watch in our bedroom as I work. Super convenient!

While I can see that some might find it a little sad to watch TV on vacation, I find it comforting. Watching TV is something I really enjoy and I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like since I work so much, so watching it on vacation was actually really nice. I obvi had wine in hand and that is seriously my dream relaxing night.

What’s a show you can’t miss?

Photo by Johnny Cheng.

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