Wanderlust Wednesdays: Morocco

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March 18, 2021

Ever since I saw an episode of House Hunters International in Marrakech, Morocco, I have dreamed of visiting the beautiful destination. The open concept layout of the homes there is breathtaking. They are literally open to the outdoors and many of them feature a courtyard with small pools. Moroccan home decor is also stunning, complete with intricate prints and beautiful architectural features. Despite my usual preference for minimal simplicity, the rich colors of the land really draw me in.

As far as fashion goes, there really isn’t much to see of the natives since the vast majority (almost 99%!) are muslim and wear the appropriate garb. If I were to travel to Morocco, I’d want to respect their culture, but also show off my personal style. After all, I don’t feel comfortable unless I like my outfit! Here’s what I’d wear in Morocco:

Have you ever been to Morocco? What would you wear to the African paradise?