Wanderlust Wednesdays: Mumbai

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March 18, 2021

Mumbai is a city in India (formerly known as Bombay) that has been a popular travel destination for years. It is the largest city in India and a metropolitan hub of the country. India is country that has always interested me. It’s not your typical exotic honeymoon spot, but it is certainly a place I would love to travel to and expereience. The culture in India is vastly different from what I am used to, and I think being able to be immersed in that would be an invaluable time in my life. Being able to experience the people, the culture, the stunning landscape and the city life would be priceless and I plan to make this dream of mine come true very soon.

Mumbai is known for its crowded streets and fast pace, but the truth is, there are plenty of places to get some peace and quiet (just look at the image above!). The populous city is also the home of the Bollywood film industry, making it also well known for lavish lifestyles and beautiful people. If I were to go to the center of the Bollywood world, this is what I’d wear:

Have you ever been to Mumbai? How was your experience? What did you wear?