There is no point in blogging or posting on social media if you’re not being authentic. Instead of doing what works for other people, find what feels right and natural for you.

We all grow and we all change, so chances are, your audience is evolving as well.

When you focus on your blog, you own that content and have complete control over every aspect.

An extra pair of hands can make a world of difference. It’s ok to realize you can’t do it all!

This is one of the many reasons so many people quit. But I’ve found that things always work out if you’re consistent in creating quality content!

I offer web design for fellow bloggers and creative entrepreneurs as well as consulting for brands and bloggers.

There is truly an art and a science to taxes when you’re a blogger!

No one will believe in and fight for your brand as much as you do, so you have to portray that to potential partners. Always negotiate!

If there is one single thing that has kept me motivated and enabled me to be financially successful in this industry, it’s the women I have met along the way!

When you’re a content creator, chances are you are your brand. So that separation of personal life and work is a very grey area. Finding that balance is tricky, but vital.