Washable Silk Loungewear

Traditional silk is strictly a dry clean only fabric. Silk that can be machine-washed is its thicker, stronger cousin. It's still silk - just improved.


Washable Silk?

Here’s my Eberyjey vs Lunya review on washable silk loungewear:

My review:

Lunya vs. Eberjay


Lunya washable silk is lightweight, luxurious, and absolutely beautiful. However, I have noticed some quality control issues with the Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set.


Overall, as long as you avoid that set, the other washable silk pieces are beautiful and well-made!


I’ve been a fan of Eberjey for years and knew quality wouldn’t be an issue. The first difference I noticed is that Eberjey’s fabric feels lighter and has a very slight sheen to it.


Eberjay's pieces are so light, airy and elegant! The flow the lightweight fabric creates is something that Lunya doesn’t quite nail with their thicker version of this fabric.

Overall, both brands have great products, but I feel more comfortable spending my money with Eberjey given the quality issues I've experienced with Lunya.

The Result: