What do you look for in skincare?

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March 18, 2021

I was telling someone about Somme the other day and we were discussing what we thought most women look for in skin care. Two main things kept popping up in our conversation.

1. Ease of use.

2. Results.

Having something that is easy to use and doesn’t require ten minutes per step is really important. Many of us are lucky to remember to wash our faces…well if you’re a mom like me, and you don’t fall face first in to bed each night then you’re doing pretty darn good! We need and sometimes require something easy to use that doesn’t take the final moments of our evening and turn them in to a chore! Somme has in fact created such an easy to use line that it’s a no-brainer, even for us end of the day brain-dead moms who are just grateful for 5 minutes to ourselves at the end of a  long day! I also feel like I’m treating myself. Giving myself something that’s just for me and that will only make me feel better about myself!

Results are equally as important if not MORE important, because when you see results you want to keep using it! Somme really does produce changes in  your skin in a very short time. I noticed the redness disappearing very quickly. But one of things I’ve been noticing a HUGE change in is my neck! I’m embarrassed to admit that I never really paid much attention to my neck…well in the shower, but not as part of my face washing regimen. Why?? I have no clue, but when I started using Somme it says include your neck and chest area. So of course, wanting the most out of the experience I did what it said. My neck broke out, I’m not gonna lie and I was like…”What??”

However, within a week of washing my neck faithfully with Somme I noticed 2 things. First the spots and breaking out cleared, and secondly the skin on my neck took on a silky feel. Not greasy, silky…like soft and new. New skin is the first thing that came to mind. I love knowing my face and neck are now being protected and I love the feeling of my “new skin”. It’s pretty fantastic! I want everyone to try Somme. I want all women and men to experience feeling like their skin can change, and that having a routine does help, but having the right routine, Somme, can be amazing and bring fantastic results!!