Your Questions: Answered!

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January 31, 2020

By Bridgette Elliott

Q: I have been hearing a lot about this HCG diet lately. What’s it all about?

The HCG diet is designed to target the “abnormal” fat in our bodies, that is, the fat that has no purpose. In a low calorie diet, your body will take fat from its structural fat supply when it isn’t getting sufficient energy from the food consumed, which can ultimately be damaging to the muscles. With the HCG program, you build up and store enough fat in the first two days so that your body won’t need to borrow any from its protective layer of structural fat for the remainder of the diet; this is phase one. In phase two, you consume a 500 calorie daily diet of fruits, vegetables, and protein along with the HCG for 23-40 days. The final phase is allowing the HCG to completely leave your system by sticking to the 500 calorie diet for two more days. The HCG diet has been endorsed on popular shows like Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz, as well as by users of the product.

Q: I think my BFF may have an eating disorder, but she totally shuts down anytime I try to confront her about it. What can I do to help?

This is an uncomfortable position to be in, and unfortunately, you may not be able to do anything to help her. If she won’t listen to your concerns you just have to tell someone that she will listen to, like a parent or mentor. No matter how old you get, you still listen to the advice of your parents if you know they are telling you what is best for you. She may lose trust in you for a while, but she will eventually see you were looking out for her.