What to Wear on Vacation

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January 22, 2020

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With my big trip to The Philippines and Bali coming up (I’m actually leaving today! Ahh!), I obviously had to do a ton of shopping to get all the right pieces, so it just made sense to do a post about what to wear on vacation. When I shop for warm weather vacations, I’m typically drawn to light colors, light fabrics, and minimal patterns. I love blue and white for vacation clothes as well as stripes.

I might be in the minority here, but I always shop online. I never really have too much of a problem with sizing since I know what size I wear in the brands I shop and plus, everywhere I order from has free returns, so it’s just easier for me to shop on my computer while I work (multitasking queen right here!) instead of setting aside time to go in somewhere! Everything I got for this trip, I got online. You’ll see them styled on the blog soon enough, but I wanted to share the stuff I bought and loved, as well as some other top favorites. Hopefully I can help you save some time shopping too! Here are my top picks for what to wear on vacation!


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